Creating Profitable, Transferrable Growth

Most executives I encounter have a strong desire to grow their company. For many mid-market companies, achieving profitable, transferrable growth is a challenge.

This type of growth creates value which can be passed along to employees, stakeholders or even future owners of the company. It’s not achieved by changing tactics; it’s achieved by redefining your strategy for influencing your market, and ensuring that your tactics are supporting your strategy.

That strategy comes from the organization’s core – its purpose, competitive positioning, and brand: the mindshare it owns in the marketplace.

Mindshare is what influences the market. It’s common for companies to start influencing their market at their founding – they launch and grow rapidly or steadily, gaining market share and adding new people. But, at some point – whether it’s 5, 10 or even 25 years after their founding – the growth slows, becomes unprofitable, or completely stops.

Profitable, Transferrable Growth Results from Strategy

In my experience growing my own companies and then working with over 1,000 CEOs and executives at mid-market companies, I’ve found that when profitable growth can no longer be sustained, the solution is to revisit their core go-to-market strategy.

That strategy was usually crystal clear when the company was founded, crafted by a passionate entrepreneur who took risks with a well-defined purpose, literally lifting the company through the power of his or her own personal brand. However, as a company grows, markets evolve and new people are hired, it’s easy for the company to lose focus, or reach the limits of the owner’s ability to continue lifting it alone. This evolution often creates multiple agendas, conflicting messages, and a focus on mere tactics to continue growing.

Creating Profitable Transferable Growth by Ken Edmundson

My Approach

I’ve found that each company I encounter is unique, regardless of whether they appear that way to the marketplace.

For each situation, I use a set of tools and diagnostics specifically designed for mid-market companies. These tools and processes, delivered along with expert guidance from myself and my team, empower them to recapture their magic and create profitable, transferrable growth.

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