Improving The Performance of People

Throughout my 35-year career, working with 1,000 CEOs and executives, I’ve found that their universal challenge, and highest level of frustration, relates to motivating, managing and hiring people. I’ve spent the last 14 years researching, studying, and writing about the most powerful and effective validated people assessment tools. I’ve used these tools and applied the results to resolve the challenges that all companies face:

  • Removing the demotivators that prevent people from performing to their ultimate capabilities
  • Hiring the best fit people for the job
  • Improving communication and decision-making skills
  • Mapping out the right career path for an individual to pursue

What I learned is that getting the most out of people is equal parts science and art. By using the proper people assessment tools – delivered by those trained to use them and apply the results – you can take the guesswork out of managing your people, and eliminate both the personal and professional issues that can be so frustrating. Executives typically group their frustrations with people, including themselves, into three categories:

  • When do I train and when do I terminate?
  • How does compensation affect performance?
  • How do I effectively coach people?

Improving the Performance of People from Ken Edmundson


My Approach

I’ve spent countless hours in training and development to answer all of these questions. I’ve tested these tools and applied the results in my own companies. My approach for improving the performance of people always starts by using the most effective validated assessments – most of which were developed in recent years by world-class psychologists. These assessments allow us to gain a deep understanding of people we’re working with, and then create a clear roadmap for applying the solution to get the desired outcome. I’ve customized the approach into 6 common areas of focus that, when assessed professionally and worked on together, can improve the performance of all of the people in a company:

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