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Building Real Mindshare with Your Market

A friend of mine sent this article to me today – one of the most insightful I’ve read in a while – which should be read and reread each month by every CEO and business owner in 2014.

The article is about how Microsoft (yes Microsoft) is beating Apple and Samsung in the battle for consumer mindshare.

Read the article here:


As you think about how you can win mindshare, remember that your brand has these 3 basic components: 

    1. When people/companies buy what you sell/make/distribute, do they even think about your firm?
    2. If they do think about your firm ‘what’ do they think?
    3. And when they come check you out, do they find a company/product/service that is consistent with what they thought and what you wanted them to think?

If you have successfully connected all these pieces, you’ve built a powerful brand and you own mindshare with your market – and that is a real force multiplier for the value of your company.

If you are looking for revenue growth in 2014, you might not need to look at your sales effort. Perhaps you need to look at your marketing effort.


My focus now is on leaving a positive impact. When I engage a client, I become personally invested – rolling up my sleeves to make sure that I get the results I expect.

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