Organizational Culture: The DNA That Separates the Winning Companies from the Losers

It might be an over simplification to say that your organizational culture is the single most important aspect of your business, but it’s probably the least understood, and least talked about aspect of your business.


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Who should attend:

  • Senior management at mid-market companies
  • Business owners and stakeholders
  • Mid-level to senior management at mid-market to large companies

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Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 11:00 AM Central

If your company is not winning consistently, gaining new market share, and having people grow in their knowledge and wealth, then you might have a problem with your organizational culture.

In this webinar, I will explore the solution to this strategic business challenge by:

  • Introducing the Denison Organizational Culture Model, and how it affected the financial success or failure of 900 companies
  • Teaching you how to evaluate the organizational culture within your organization
  • Providing you with the model for satisfying your customers, keeping your employees engaged, and improving your financial performance

Denison Organizational Culture Model
Attendees will receive a free download – “The 60 Questions to Determine Your Ability to Win”. This will enable you to evaluate your strengths in the 4 principles of the model, and your overall ability to compete in the marketplace.

About Ken:

Ken Edmundson is an experienced business owner who works with a select group of executives to impact the two greatest challenges of mid-market companies:

  • Improving the performance of their people
  • Creating profitable, transferable growth

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