Typical Clients

The mid-market company is the forgotten company in the business landscape. The majority of the business materials published each year are focused on either general business concepts or specific recommendations for the two other categories of businesses — enterprise corporations and small business owners/entrepreneurs.

Most mid-market companies operate in the gray area between the small business and the enterprise corporation, utilizing management techniques from each. They’ve deployed some of the standard management practices needed as they grow, but still cling to some of the approaches they used as a small company.

My typical clients are business owners of private companies with $1 million to $100 million in revenue in the Mid-South. The sweet spot is $5 million to $50 million – this is the group which commonly feels the greatest stress as their company is evolving.

Industry Experience

I’ve achieved success building and selling 3 different mid-market companies in 3 different industries. I’ve worked with companies in just about every type of industry – service companies, production and manufacturing, financial services, consumer products, technology and professional firms.

I’ve tailored my approach to work for any type of company in any industry.


In addition to working with owners and stakeholders of mid-market companies, I also work with individuals seeking career guidance. While it’s not as profitable for me, it provides great personal value, to positively impact individuals and help them to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Faith-Based Organizations

I’ve also worked with many different faith-based organizations, to instill effective business practices that allow them to thrive and enrich the lives of the people in their congregation and their community.

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